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Go Ballistic Energy Bon Bon’s

Go Ballistic Energy Bon Bon's

I need an Energy Bon!

Sometimes, I need that extra boost to get me through a busy day. If I have a hectic couple of weeks coming up, I batch make these power-packed Energy Bon Bon’s to help recharge my lagging body batteries with pure plant power. They save me from that automatic, stress-related reaching for the biscuit tin behaviour! Super simple to make, they last all week (refrigerated) and are my go-to survival food this summer.

Feel the plant- power

Packed with sticky Medjool dates, oats, seeds, nuts and cacao nibs and smothered with intense dark chocolate they help you blast through your day in an explosive, plant-powered kinda way. You can skip the chocolate coating if you find it too fiddly, and feel free to experiment with the ingredients to find your perfect Energy Bon Bon.

Energy Bon's

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Smoked Trout, Saffron Marbled Maris Potato & Mackerel Terrine

Smoked Trout, Saffron Marbled Maris Potato & Mackerel Terrine

Smoked Trout, Saffron Marbled Maris Potato & Mackerel Terrine

The temperature outside is rising, it’s a staggering 32oc! I have absolutely no interest in being near a kitchen that could potentially add more heat to my oven-like house. To help survive these crazy climate change induced summer temperatures, try this Smoked Trout, Saffron Marbled  Maris Potato & Mackerel Terrine.

This two fish terrine is perfect for avoiding long stints in the kitchen and delivers a sophisticated, light summer slice that can be paired with a cool crisp salad, veggie-loaded pulse & bean mix or quite simply scoffed solo. I’ve made this before as a starter and hooked it up with Herby Hollandaise Sauce, however, it’s too hot to faff around today, so I’m keeping it simple. I prepared this fish-dish the night before and left it chilling in the fridge (I nearly Jumped in with it)! So long as it’s had a good few hours to compress and chill together, it can also be made on the same day.

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Cakes & Bakes

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet cake

Red Velvet Birthday Cake

It’s my Birthday!  What better way to celebrate than making this crazy confetti sprinkled, moist sponged beauty! It may not be new, refined or revolutionary, but sometimes the old favourites are just the best! It seems every time I make this, it gets better! I can’t help but smile at the end result!

I’ve always found Birthdays a little weird, I have a mother and other family members who don’t acknowledge my existence  (long story), as a mother myself I find it hard to comprehend this type of behaviour. ‘Nowt weird as folk’ as they say up North!  So in our house, my own little family make an extra special effort to acknowledge my existence and celebrate. Friends save the day, filling the gaps with thoughtfulness and the day buzzes by in a happy haze.

It’s hot outside, and I’m talking red hot. This cake won’t last long in these temperatures, so there’s nothing else to do but eat, drink and be merry! Cheers! Thanks to all my family & friends for making this day special! xx

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Pastry, Pies & Tarts

Rhubarb and Ginger Rejection Protection Galettes

Rhubarb and Ginger Rejection Protection Galettes

For rejection protection try these rhubarb and ginger galettes

Its been a tough two weeks of job seeking, soul-searching, rejection and general unpleasantness. Enough to push me to the fringes of frustration, wear me down and fill me with self-doubt, fear and self-loathing. Appropriately it happens to be Mental Health Awareness week, I’m no stranger to a messy mind, dark clouds and bad days, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have some very supportive people around me in times of crisis.

I find it near on impossible to reach out and ask for help, as I’m sure most people do when they are faced with feeling vulnerable and in what seems like an impossible position, but connecting is key. Talk to a friend, a partner, a stranger, a doctor, a helpline, just don’t sit at home alone talking to yourself, because you’re only like to keep hearing the same answers – get some perspective by inviting someone else in.

Easily said, I know – for someone who goes all around the houses to actually spit it out and say what’s on my mind. But still, I realise how important that first step is and after that, words become easier because most often someone else is asking the questions, you just need to provide answers.

I’ve shared this link before, but I will share it again as it is so, so important to not think about asking for help for too long. If you need to make someone aware, reach out here

When it get’s too much – step outside, do something different, change the scenery or like me make and bake! I did exactly that, continuing on with a seasonal rhubarb theme I knocked up these quick and easy galettes. Teary tart rhubarb, complicated custard with a touch of wounded ginger to push the taste buds over the edge, perfect to mark #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Unfortunately, the person I was hoping to share them with didn’t show up, I guess I’ll have to spill my beans another time…

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Inspiration/ Puddings/ Sides & Snacks

Bittersweet Pineapple, Coconut and Dark Chocolate Rounds

Bittersweet Pineapple, Coconut and Dark chocolate Rounds


My experiences with pineapple have been somewhat limited. Back in the early 80’s my mother once wowed us a pineapple upside down cake studded with glace cherries, I say once as the spectacular steaming pineapple presentation was never to be repeated, owing to her adamant disregard of following recipe instructions. Later versions never quite made the mark and so the love of tinned rings ceased.

It is too hot for syrupy upside down sponge, but something pineapply was calling to me. Faced with a couple of pineapple purchase options, the cheap as chips version, stacked loud and spiky proud or the small, slightly more expensive selection to the right. I check out the labels on these flamboyant beauties and opt for the Fairtrade version from Equador. That’s a lot of food miles, so this one’s an absolute treat and probably my only one for the year!

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Fish-dish/ Recipes/ Salads

Vietnamese Summer Salad with Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab with a surprising summer salad!

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and the sun is blasting down, what better way to celebrate than with this  Vietnamese noodle salad, swimming with Dungeness crab, prawns and spicy citrus dressing. Topped with crispy shallots, It’s hot, hot, hot – perfect for a summer supper in the garden!

I bought my crabmeat, prepared by a small fishmonger actually in Dungeness, a great little place with regular updates on their website about ‘what’s biting’ so you can check out the catch reports and buy seasonal fish, all caught locally.  If you happen to be down this way I also strongly recommend you check out the Dungeness snack shack and take a camera – the skeletons of boats left on the beach make for fantastic photos.


Vietnamese Summer Salad with Dungeness CrabVietnamese Summer Salad with Dungeness Crab

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