Sustarian Living: Survival. Sustenance. Sustainability: The 3 pillars of this blog’s existence

Here you will find food to fuel minds and memories. A roll call of dishes, people and places that have saved the day, lightened the load, kept me sane (or added to those emotionally unhinged moments)!

Sometimes I also focus on sustainability, food facts and fridgspiration! I worked in the food industry for over ten years. I have insider knowledge that I sometimes like to share.  Trying to source local, sustainable food & products that have been produced using environmental, animal and people-friendly practices, being aware of the impacts of one’s actions on planet earth and making conscious choices. I’m not trying to force-feed you, I’m merely recounting my own musings that will hopefully strike a chord, fill your plates with pleasure, encourage sharing and most of all kindness in your community!

Memories paired with music, breakfasts, brunches, lunches and ceremonial suppers.  A messy snapshot of my life shaped by the people, places and things that have filled it.

Come rain or shine, hell or high water, you’ll always find something in between these blog pages to enjoy!