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Converted by Cowspiracy

Converted by Cowspiracy:

After a life-changing documentary addiction to Netflix (of all things), I decided to try and make some fundamental changes, not only in the way I feed myself & my family but also making healthy and sustainable life choices.

Sustarian, what is that exactly? It has a number of meanings for me.

Not only does it involve trying to source local, sustainable food & products that have been produced using environmental, animal and people friendly practices, being aware of the impacts of one’s actions on planet earth and making conscious choices, it also focuses on my food recollections.  The people and places that have shaped me,  inspired, provided sustenance and have left me with a lifetime of memories. Let’s not forget, food is often laden with heavy emotional attachments, happy and even sad memories, I’m not trying to force feed you, I’m merely recounting my own musings that will hopefully strike a chord, fill your plates with pleasure and encourage sharing and most of all kindness!

Why? I realised that balance cannot be bought. It’s something we should continuously seek to address, in all that we do. Finding the balance between what we crave and what the universe in terms of resources and emotional resilience can deliver is a fine and ever trembling line.

Netflix brought me Cowspiracy and OMG GMO, these are two of the most important & inspirational documentaries I’ve ever watched. At the age of 43, I’ve seen a few – so for me, that’s quite a statement!

Viewed over the  Christmas holiday 2015, whilst overindulging on anything edible/quaffable, wading through discarded wrapping paper, happy & knee deep in ignorance. It was a bit of a show stopper and has brought me to my (currently somewhat solitary) offerings here at Sustarian Living.

Watch & Learn

Watch them, these insightful and fascinating documentaries.  If you are not affected by the things you see and what you learn, then change the channel and carry on regardless. I didn’t manage to become a vegan or even a vegetarian overnight, but I’ve made changes, lots of them and I’m working towards something that’s sustainable and not just another fad.

Are you hungry for change?

Sustarian Living: Just doing my bit to readdress the fragile environmental and emotional lines that affect us all – work with me here….

First published 18th Feb 2016


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