Skin deep: Sustainable Skincare

Manic Botanic: A Natural & Organic Skincare company.

I set up Manic Botanic back in 2006. In reaction to the numerous poor quality skin care products that had saturated the marketplace.

My mission was to provide the customer with honest, natural skincare products that give the best possible results using the best possible ingredients.

The ingredients were organic, sustainably sourced, and fairly traded. I did not make any medical claims, or use any miss-leading promises such as turning back the hands of time and/or removing the  wrinkles of our customers!

Sadly the change in EU regulations in 2011, forcing small cosmetic makers to have the full blown product certification (not the independant certification that was once acceptable) put me in an impossible position. With a product range of 33 items, it was no longer financially viable to continue. A victory for the large cosmetic giants, who recognised the potential growth area in Natural & Organic. Bringing out such stringent regulations would only help keep a firm lid on increasingly popular independent retailers like myself.

In the name of Sustarian Living , I’ve decided to go open source with my skin care recipes and creations. If you can cook – you can make cosmetics!

Here you will find recipes, instructions and information on sourcing ingredients.