Mothers Day

Mothers day

Mothers Day! Well at least for those English mums. The dutch celebrate it on a different day, but sticking with my UK roots, I like to silently observe it.

That’s why i used the day to focus on recharging my creative batteries, to remind myself who I am and what’s important to me. Preserving and nurturing your own being is as important as all of the other tasks on your ‘to do’ list.

Today I started my journey, asking and challenging myself with questions: What am i doing here??? Am I on the right track???? Do I need more focus??? Should I change something???? Should i change everything????

Often we get swept along with life’s daily routine, and forget to check back in with ourselves to make sure what we are doing is making sense.

So this Mothers Day, I headed into Amsterdam to go and pay an overdue visit to my favourite photography museum: Francesca Woodman @ Foam Museum

It was the last day of the Francesca Woodman exhibition and I can truly say that the inspiration gained from this ensemble of powerful images was life changing. I was so grateful that I’d managed to experience this, one day later and I would have missed my opportunity. Afterwards I wandered Amsterdam for a few hours, feeling like i’d been hit by a ten tonne truck of creative desire.  As a Mother, I realised I’d  given the best Mothers day present to myself: Time. Simply time by myself. To focus on me, because I was me, before I was a Mother.

This does not reduce the importance of anything else in my life as now I’m home alone, writing this and looking forward to my husband & kids running through the door.

Go, Steal a moment for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!





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