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Manic Botanic Luscious Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Lip Balm, and many other skin care products such as face moisturizers, body lotions, sunscreens, lipsticks, baby oil and bathing products often contain large quantities of petrolatum/ petroleum jelly.  After Running my own natural skincare company, I’m very much aware of the harmful effects this product can have on the skin.

Petroleum Jelly,  is known to be a ‘occlusive agent’. This means it has the ability to seal skin from air, water or anything else getting in (or out). Wherever they’re applied, they form an invisible film on the surface of our skin, that can build up over time/ usage. This blocks the pores and the skin’s natural respiration process, it keeps harmful toxins trapped and ultimately has the reverse effect by drying out our delicate skin.

Petroleum Jelly is a by-product of gasoline production, Its origin is a residue left over in the refining process of crude oil. It’ cheap and plentiful, and along with many other synthetic ingredients, is packed into our products and is difficult to avoid. But is this chemical byproduct a sensible solution for your delicate skin?

The risk of contamination from  cancer-causing chemicals found in crude oil and its by-products has been acknowledged by world health organizations.  Some countries including the European Union have  put numerous grades of petrolatum on a list of dangerous substances. So why do we continue to smoother ourselves in the stuff?

If you or your children are suffering from Eczema, dry flaky or irritated skin, then It’s worth assessing the skincare products you are using and try to avoid the following ingredients:

Liquid paraffin
Paraffin oil

I’ve included this recipe for a natural lip balm. You can leave the essential oil out and use it on babies or children suffering with dry patches. You will need to work the balm between your fingers to warm it up a little, but it’s a great handbag must have for dry, sensitive and wind chapped lips.

*you will need a glass thermometer that measures up to 100c and scales that can weigh by the gram.

Manic Botanic Lip Balm
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Beautylicious
  • 20g Beeswax
  • 40g Shea butter
  • 20g Coco butter
  • 80g Almond oil
  • 40g Olive oil
  • 2g Vit E oil
  • 3g Spearmint Essential oil(optional)
  1. Melt all of the ingredients together
  2. Using a glass thermometer, heat to 75c
  3. Stir untill all particulates are dissolved.
  4. Then cool down to 40oc.
  5. Add the essential oils depending on your choice. Stir vigoursly.
  6. Pour into 15ml aluminium tins. (or larger if desired) Label or mark the tin
  7. TIP: Mark Best Before on the underside of each pot. +2 year from date of manufacture.
  8. This should make around 12 -13, 15ml tins. A great idea for seasonal gifts, wedding favours or Birthday presents. Also nice for yourself!


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